About Us

"A value driven company that prides on its efficiency, reliability and deliverability."

Startronic Computers Pvt. Ltd. has provided a broad range of data processing and management services to a variety of domestic and international customers. Our mission is to provide accurate and dependable outsourcing services for organizations that need solutions to their data, information management, and IT problems.

We feature in-house expertise in programming, non voice projects, data entry, and database management, all of which has given us the ability to provide the best in outsourcing services at very competitive rates. We also continuously invest in market-leading systems, software technologies and capable manpower so that businesses that outsource to us can benefit from them all without  having to invest themselves.

Why Startronics

We’ll put our experience to work for you. Startronics has been providing information management and data processing services designed to meet the specific needs of organizations since 1992.

In providing these services, our approach has always been to work closely with the customer and develop solutions that are innovative and unique at the same time. Our time-honored approach has served our customers well, and had given us a proven track record in various industries.
Whether you need support for high-volume Variable Data Printing projects, Data Entry projects, large-scale Document Scanning services, or any other Business Process Outsourcing service, Startronics is here as your business partner to help you manage even the most time-sensitive and data-centric projects and administrative functions.

With our high capacity infrastructure, Startronics has the resources to get the job done. Our library of the latest software / hardware tools and our experienced technical staff allows us to address all of your information capture and business process outsourcing needs. You can count on us to deliver accurate, quality based results in a timely manner.