Software / IT Services

Computer / Mobile software plays an ever increasing part in our day to day lives. New software and technologies not only make our daily household and office tasks simpler but also brings in an element of accountability and transparency which may otherwise be missing when manual methods are involved.

Along with servicing and developing your company or individual software needs, Startronic Computers has also developed a host of internal software which accentuates and supports our other service offerings which puts us miles ahead of competition in those domains. For our clients we offer the following software development services:

  • Scripting modules to automatize existing processes.
  • Server based applications for tracking internal projects.
  • Server and desktop based inventory management software.
  • Product specific Android or IOS App development.
  • Creation of database using your company's data backlog.
  • Reporting modules using existing or newly created databases.
  • Quality/Error check modules for an existing CRM / ERP.